28 juni 2013

Tanz im konfetti-regen

Hurray, Twinklebird is featured at the second daWanda Trend Report and it looks great! Have a look, get inspired and take a chance to win a surprise package filled with daWanda items :) Click! And because here in the Netherlands we have to wait for summer due to the rain rain rain, I thought 'tanz im confetti-regen' suits this blogpost very well :)

10 juni 2013

nARTure kasteel Groeneveld

This summer, June, July and August Twinklebird is part of the exhibition 'nARTure' at Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn. It's another initiative by Shari Lee Gumbs. About thirty artists and designers, inspired by nature, are exposing their work at this great location. Twinklebird shows 14k gold necklaces and rings at the exhibition and a large overview of my work is for sale at the shop!

Kasteel Groeneveld is perfect for a day out with kids as well. This landed property in the middle of the Netherlands is beautifully surrounded with woods and walking trails. Visit the nARTure exhibition at the second floor, and at the attic of this property an exhibition of 'het muizenhuis'  is held. Some rooms of this 'house of mice book' have been build on large scale. I've read the books with Alex, so at kasteel Groeneveld she has experienced how Sam and Julia live. A perfect lunch spot, all organic and local products, can be found near the main entrance, have lunch in- or outside. A fine kidsmenu as well :) Alex had fun playing with grid/gravel, selecting the small stones by shape and color :)


In May Urlaub has opened its doors. A beautiful art and illustration store, located at the edge of downtown Utecht. Urlaub contains a workspace for about ten designers and at the front Urlaub's shop can be found. It's a new spot, close to other creative initiatives, restaurants and bars. Lots of inspiration, designing and participating in quality workshops! And Some of Twinklebird's jewelry is for sale at the pretty shop too :)

I've used the beautiful photo's Anki, from Zilverblauw, has taken. Find her blog here!

DepARTmentSTORE by Gumbs

Until the 7th of July Twinklebird takes part of the exhibitionsale at the depArtmentSTORE in Utrecht, located at the centre of Utrecht (one street behind Neude, Telingstraat 2a) New bike necklaces, heart- and letter rings!

17 april 2013

House number project

I'm joining the 'house number project', initiated by Koen de Wilde. It's a great project! I also love the shape of a house, plain, simple... and have used it when studying at the Academy of Arts. I will try to find some pictures... I have received a little house from Koen. It is the perfect size and at the moment I'm finishing my contribution. The house will stay here, pictures will be added to Koen's website about this project. More info here!

13 maart 2013

Penkridge ceramics

I'm saving up... really want a piece of Penkridge ceramics. It is so beautifully made, incredible full of details. It must have taken ages to do all the fieldwork, shapes, colours, glazing, testing etc. I love the fact that so much time is spend at the process, about getting all those details right. A true hommage to nature!

7 februari 2013

Childhood treasure

My father was cleaning up the house and found a cardboard box filled with toys, crafts and other stuff. Most of it was stuff from my childhood. I sorted out some things Alex might like, or I wanted to keep, and then I found this... a treasure... my butter can filled with beads and jewelry I made when I was a child! Never expected that was still there.

When I was about ten years old, the early eighties, I liked making my own jewelry. Every year we went camping in summer in the Netherlands. My uncle drove us with his VW van and dropped us at the campground 200km further. It felt like a real worldtrip though ;) And one year I took with me all my jewelry supplies, beads, wire, tools etc. and a large piece of softboard with tidy rows of needles sticked into it. Outside the tent I was making jewelry. It was quite a hot summer. One day when we were away, always on bikes riding to a near market or something, the tent had changed into an oven when we came home! Some of my plastic boxes with beads had melted!

Later that week, when my stock was big enough, I took off with my softboard display, towards the pool's entrance. I put the display against the pinetree, set myself next to it and continued making jewelry while waiting for customers. And they came! I did custom orders right underneath the pinetree ;) At that time, such handmade jewelry with all those tiny leaves, birds and elephants, were quite popular. I didn't completely sell out, but I did sell a lot. I kept my money in the empty butter can, which had a lid, so it was safe :)

I don't know what to do with my childhood treasure yet. I'll keep them treasured in the butter can and maybe, when the time is right, I'll change some of them into a collection of new childhood pieces. But for now, I'm just happy they're here with me again :)